My Favorite Mental Health Apps

Alina Gallupe-Barry, LMHC

Yes, there’s an app for that. It might seem like a cliche at this point but there is an app for everything. Mental Health is no exception. There are apps for tracking your mood, managing anxiety, recording negative thoughts, and even connecting with others who experience similar symptoms.

As amazing as these apps can be, the abundance of options only makes it more difficult to find a good fit for you. In fact, it might take some trial and error to find something that fits your needs and works for your budget. In this list I will break down several options that I recommend to clients so that you can start your research and begin the process of narrowing down a good fit for you!

1. Molehill Mountain

This is a free to download app with a focus on tracking anxious thoughts. This app prompts you to enter your anxiety thoughts and then recommends strategies and coping skills to try. It focuses on in-the-moment solutions and managing the anxiety thought rather than just tracking patterns. This can be very helpful for people who struggle to find helpful coping skills or who have many anxious thoughts throughout the day. I would recommend it for teens and adults. The app markets itself for neurodiverse individuals, particularly those on the autism spectrum but I do feel many types of people can benefit from this app as well!

2. Clear Fear

This is a free to download app with a focus on helping youth and teens manage anxiety and fear. The app is approved for ages 4 and up and uses little cartoon characters to help illustrate the emotions and concepts. I would say the app may be a little difficult for a small child to understand and navigate without a parent’s help. It is ideal for ages 11 and up with its fun colors and a wealth of beginner resources. This app also includes coping skills suggestions and even has interactive activities to help build and maintain healthy habits. Overall, the app is very polished and fun to interact with.

3. Headspace: Mindful Meditation

This is a subscription based app that focuses on meditation and mindfulness. I would highly recommend this app to anyone interested in learning how to meditate. This app uses fun graphics and simple explanations that are good for all ages. The meditations offered by the app are separated into useful categories and can be used for improving sleep, relaxation, or increasing focus. New users can get a 14 day free trial to see if the app works for them which is always a bonus as spending money can be difficult these days, particularly on products you aren’t sure about.

4. Schmoody: Mood and habit tracker

This is a free to download app with in-app purchases that includes many features from habit tracking to coping skill suggestions. The most interesting feature of this app is their community based support tool which connects individuals with others who also experience similar symptoms. This feature works similarly to any discussion board style website such as a post in a Facebook group. This helps individuals learn from each other and feel less alone in these instances. However, the habit building tools and mood tracking resources alone are worth using as it is very robust and includes many resources to help people keep up with their new healthy habits.

Overall, mental health apps can be a useful tool in managing mental health. I always recommend apps or good old fashion journaling as a way to help manage feelings and cope with intense symptoms. However, using the apps alone might not be enough for everyone and seeking counseling from a licensed professional is always suggested for those experiencing serious anxiety and depression symptoms. 

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About the author

I enjoy helping adults and teens explore their feelings, connect with their passions, and navigate life transitions to lead fulfilling lives. My specialties include anxiety, LGBTQ+ issues, and stress management.

I have a master’s degree from Lesley University. I take a person-centered and warm approach to therapy using eclectic and science-backed methods to help my clients meet their goals.